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Soft Tissue

Dr. Gale assesses each patient for mechanical dysfunction (lack of joint mobility),
along with soft tissue restrictions. Practice, then, is not restricted to spinal and
extremity manipulation (traditional chiropractic approach), but also includes the
treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.
What often happens to a patient presenting with a painful condition is an
inflammatory response to injury or repetitive activity. Over time the body
attempts to heal the site with adhesions. This is called "remodeling". These
restrictive adhesions can cause pain and lack of normal soft tissue flexibility.
Stretching is helpful, but often times the patient can stretch only up to the soft
tissue adhesion, which prevents stretching into the full range. Soft tissue
manipulation is designed to locate this adhesive restriction, and to break it up, to
promote the return of blood flow, oxygen and finally greater flexibility.