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Chiropractors utilize a number of therapeutic manual techniques to reduce painful symptoms and restore function. The chiropractic adjustment is a safe, natural and noninvasive procedure designed to restore normal mobility to painful and restricted spinal joints.


Spinal and extremity joints are designed to be mobile and flexible as we move during our daily activities in life. With restricted movement from a sedentary job that causes a sustained sitting posture, or a sudden stressful movement, spinal joints can fixate (lock up) due to the stressful demand. This lack of joint mobility can be experienced by patients as pain during normal activities of daily living. Rising out of bed in the morning after prolonged rest, squatting or bending can become intolerable.
The adjustment is a manual procedure specifically designed to restore function and mobility to the fixated joint so as to relieve irritation to the inflamed nerve.


Over many years in practice 1 have consulted with patients who typically have suffered for some time, despite repeated visits to doctors and therapists. There are two common reasons why people seek chiropractic care after exhausting medical treatment. They sought care from a specialist who simply prescribed an oral anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant, which usually provided only limited relief. Therapy exercises are also advised which can cause even more pain. Exercise is important in the process of restoring health. However, the patient must first be able to function with limited pain before exercise can be adequately performed. Chiropractic adjustments restore the ability to do so. When the spine is able to function again with minimal pain, the patient can resume exercise and normal activity.


There is a tremendous amount of neurology within the spine and spinal joints. When the spinal joints become fixated and lose normal mobility this can cause debilitating pain. Spinal adjustments restore this loss of mobility, which reduces the irritation on the nervous system and allows the patient more pain free mobility.


Extremity joint care is a subspecialty in the chiropractic field. Patients can develop extremity joint pain due to overuse (computer wrist), or twisting an ankle while engaged in recreational activity. This patient is often a recreational, high school or college athlete. Repetitive training or sudden impact during an athletic event can overload the joint causing pain and loss of mobility. Specialized chiropractic care to the painful extremity joint using soft tissue mobilization and manipulation can provide relief and a return to normal activity.